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Ranphone has been an authorized marketing and installation company for **Cellcom for about 15 years.
Ranphone has a license to import and to sell cell phone in Israel.
Ranphone have a central service center that provides service to approximately – 5,000 frontal customers each month in laboratory services including customer service and sales.
Ranphone have 2 call centers serving approximately - 30,000 customers each month in the service and sales.
Ranphone currently employs around 130 workers, including sales and service representatives, installation-technician teams and administration and management staff.
Ranphone's business approach towards its customers is based on supplying a wide range of high-level services, round-the-clock availability, and providing service on-site both at the costumer’s business and home.
Ranphone’s facilities are well-suited to its varied activities and include state-of-the-art equipment and computer systems which facilitate the company’s high-quality, effective, quick and professional service.

**Cellcom Israel Ltd is the leading Israeli cellular provider with 3.376 million Subscribers.
רנפון תקשורת בע"מ רח' סחרוב 22 ראשון לציון  טלפון: 03-9616212 פקס: 03-9616313  E-mail: info@ranphone.co.il
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